2.43. High-voltage wires - check and replacement

1. The condition of high-voltage wires is checked without fail when replacing spark plugs with new.
2. High-voltage wires should be examined separately.
3. Carefully disconnect a wire from a spark plug (see above).
4. Examine an internal part of a tip and check existence of corrosion in the form of a light powder raid. Check  tip prileganiye density to a candle, if necessary turn in the boss's grips.
5. Carefully wipe a wire on all length with pure rags, having removed all deposits of dirt and oil, check a condition of a wire.
6. Disconnect a wire from an ignition distributor cover, having pulled for a rubber cover. Check existence of corrosion and density of a prileganiye of a wire, put a wire into place.
7. If necessary replace wires in a set (on sale there are ready wires of the picked-up length with the established tips).