2.25. Check of fuel system

When working to follow fire safety regulations. Depressurization of the fuel highway of injector engines is allowed only after a system decompression (Hl. 4).

1. The fuel tank is mounted in a back part of a body.
2. It is the best of all to check fuel system when the car is raised by a telfer or installed on supports as some details of fuel system, for example the tank and a part of the fuel highway, are from the bottom.
3. The fuel system needs urgent check if during driving, or after the parking of the car under the sun the gasoline smell is felt.
4. Turn off a stopper of a jellied mouth of the fuel tank and check on it existence of traces of corrosion and damage of laying. On laying the accurate print of edge of a jellied mouth has to be observed. If necessary replace laying.
5. Check, being under the car, a condition of a tank and a mouth. Especially attentively examine connection of a mouth with a tank. Existence of punctures, cracks and mechanical damages is not allowed. Weakening of connection of a rubber pipe of a mouth or deterioration in a condition of rubber can sometimes be the cause of a leak. Such defects can be eliminated independently.

It is forbidden to repair the fuel tank independently.

24:16 Wheel cylinder of drum brakes

6. Carefully examine all rubber hoses and metal tubes departing from a tank. Check reliability of connections, existence on hoses of wear tracks, a perezhatiya and other damages. Carefully check a condition of tubes on all length. If necessary repair the damaged sites of the highway, or replace.
7. If the smell of gasoline remains, then check system of injection (Hl. 4).