2.14. Check and adjustment of gaps of valves

1. Works are recommended to be performed on the heated-up engine.
2. Warm up the engine.
3. Uncover a head of cylinders (Hl. 2).
4. Install the piston of the 1st cylinder in compression step VMT (Hl. 2). Gaps of valves 1,2,4 and 6 (photo) are measured in this position of the crankshaft.
5. Measure by the probe gaps in the specified valves.
6. If necessary release a lock-nut and adjust a gap, rotating the screw. The probe has to pass between, the valve and the screw under small effort.
7. Holding the screw, tighten a lock-nut and again check a gap.
8. Turn the crankshaft on 1 turn clockwise and be convinced by position of the runner distributes ignitions that the piston 4 ~ го the cylinder is in compression step VMT. Measure gaps of 3,5,7 and 8 cylinders.
9. Establish a cover of a head of cylinders.