2.3. An order of performance of adjustments - general comments

The largest volume of adjusting and adjustment works as a rule is carried out on the engine. Especially it concerns the engine of the used car which was not exposed to regular or timely checks. In such cases besides periodic maintenance, it is necessary to perform additional adjustment works. If there are suspicions on wear of the engine, then it is necessary to check a compression in cylinders and to obtain valuable information, concerning a condition of all main details of the internal device of the engine (see Hl. 2B). On the basis of these data it is possible to gain an impression about the volume and degree of complexity of the forthcoming works. If, for example, a compression such is that obviously indicates strong wear of the engine, then routine maintenance will not lead to restoration of normal operational qualities and it is necessary to execute capital repairs with full dismantling. The list of works most of which often are required to be executed to improve steadily shown abnormal operation of the engine is given below.
Check a state and level of all liquids which filled the engine.
Clear, examine and check the rechargeable battery.
Check a state and a tension of all belts.
Replace spark plugs.
Check a compression in cylinders.
Check a cover and the runner of the distributor of ignition.
Check wires of high voltage.
Check a condition of the air filter and valve of ventilation of a case.

The bottom view of a forward part of the car with a wheel formula 4x4 and the V6 engine
1. The pendular lever (with a butterdish)
2. Lower hose of a radiator
3. Belt
4. Tip of steering draft
5. Spherical support of the lever of a suspension bracket
6. Support
7. Brake hose
8. Cover floor

The bottom view of a back part of the car with a formula 4x4 and the 4-cylinder engine
1. Regulator of pressure of brakes
2. Fuel  and  ventilyatsionty shpang
3. Lever of the left torsion
4. Transfer case and guard
5. Forward driveshaft
6. Cardan ша

4.4a a probe Arrangement on cars with a wheel formula 4x4
1. To add
2. Normal level

Check and adjust the moment of ignition and turns of idling.
Replace the fuel filter.
Check a condition of the cooling system. Adjust gaps in valves.
If the listed above actions do not yield result, then execute the following operations.
Check system of recirculation.
Check system of a charge of the battery.
You will check 'fuel system and system of ignition
Replace high-voltage wires, a cover and the runner of the distributor of ignition.