2.8. Care of the battery

8. Care of the battery
Care of the battery comes down to performance of the following operations.
Periodic check and restoration of level of electrolyte.
Check of a condition of the case of the battery survey.
Cleaning of the battery, removal of corrosion (deposits of white color) on details of fastening of the battery and plugs (photo) water solution of the calcinated soda.
Check of reliability of fastening of plugs on poles.
Check of state of charge of the battery by means of the areometer. On unattended batteries the built-in color indicator is provided. Blue color of a spot in a window of the indicator indicates that the battery is completely charged, at decolouration of the indicator the battery should be charged.
8.6 Pulling up of the plug of a pole of the battery

7.4b If air through the gate does not pass, then establish the place of a leak, having sprayed the tire soap solution

7.8 Check of pressure in the tire by means of the manometer

The normal density of electrolyte at 27 °C makes 1,27 (taking into account the amendment ±0,04 at change of temperature on everyone ±100).
The battery is considered loaded partially if electrolyte density at 27 °C makes 1,240.
The battery is charged with current 4-6A. Charging stops 3-4 hours later after tension on the battery ceases to increase.

8.7a Corrosion of a pole of the battery

8.7b Removal of the plug from the battery

8.7v Clear a battery pole to a brilliant surface

8.7g the Plug should be cleared also carefully, without removing excess material