2.15. Lubricant of a running gear and steering

1. Accessories to lubricant are shown on a photo. 15.1 Accessories to lubricant
2. To lubricant of a running gear and steering it is applied universal lithium lubricants  to Lubricant spherical support of levers of a forward suspension bracket, tips of steering drafts, forward and reverse cardan gear are subject (on cars With a wheel formula 4x4).
3. The place of lubricant of the top support is in the top part of the case of a support (photo), for lubricant it is necessary to remove a wheel. Access to a butterdish of the lower support is provided through an opening in the lever (photo). An opening for lubricant tips of steering drafts turn out a cap (photo). On cardan transfer hinges and the shlitsevy sliding connection (photo) are greased.
4. Lift the car and establish on supports.
5. Turn out caps and screw butterdishes (on a part of cars).
6. Squeeze out a little lubricant from the syringe and wipe absolutely.

15:3á The Carving opening under a butterdish for lubricant of the top support is muffled by a stopper

15:3ó An opening Cap under a butterdish in a draft tip

7. Grease with the syringe all connections. Spherical support to a shpritsuyta until lubricant does not fill rubber covers (it is felt on pressing). If lubricant it vykho-is put from a butterdish, then tighten a butterdish or turn out and check purity of the valve of a butterdish.
8. Remove the lubricant remains.
15:3ú  An opening Cap under a butterdish on the cardan hinge

15:3í The Opening in the lever for lubricant of the lower support (on the car of early releases)

15. Зг Butterdish of shlitsevy connection

9. Grease a cable and levers of the emergency brake.
10. Lower the car.
11. Grease the rubbing details of locks of a cowl and a back door, grease the terminations of cables.
12. Grease loops of doors with several drops of oil for the engine.
13.  Cylindrical  switches  of locks  of doors are greased with aerosol graphite lubricant.