2.9. Care of the cooling system

Periodic care of the cooling system comes down to check and elimination of leaks, check and restoration of level of liquid, a condition of liquid, cleaning of a stopper of a mouth of a radiator, intercostal spaces of a radiator, check of a condition of hoses. Checks are carried out on the cold engine not less than in 1 day prior to a trip, or not less than 3 hours later after a trip. To turn out a radiator stopper, turn a stopper counterclockwise against the stop, wait for an exit of gases (hissing will be heard), press on a stopper and having turned, get. Add liquid if level does not reach the radiator mouth basis. Replace hoses with signs of hardening, swelling, a material softening, and also with cracks. At serious damages (a leak in a radiator) address on car repair shop.
10.1 Removal of a brush from the lever