2.5. Check of level of liquid in automatic transmission

1. Liquid level in automatic transmission has to meet standard, otherwise normal work of transmission is broken and breakages are possible.
2. Transfer the engine to the idling mode, put the lever of the selector in position "Park".

After a trip under trying conditions, level is checked not less than 30 min. later after a car stop. The engine has to idle.

3. On heated-up transmission get the probe from a measuring instrument branch pipe. The probe is in a back part of a motor compartment from the passenger (photo).
4. Check to the touch temperature and wipe the probe dry. Insert the probe into place against the stop into a branch pipe.
5. Get the probe and determine level.
6. At a temperature of liquid of 30 - 50 °C level has to be between the marks "cold", and at a temperature of 50 - 80 °C - between the marks "hot" (photo).

5.3 The probe on automatic transmission

4.19b liquid Level has to be in a tank of coupling between the marks min and the shah

If necessary add liquid through a measuring instrument branch pipe, having inserted a funnel with the thin metal gauze. It is necessary to add liquid in the portions until level is not established between the top and lower tags of the probe for the corresponding temperature range. If liquid of dark color, or exudes a burned smell, then it should be replaced.
5.6a Marks in the probe of transmission of cars With a wheel formula 4x2...

5.6b... and cars With a wheel formula 4x4

6.5 A tank stopper with the probe (V6 engine)