2.2. Maintenance terms

The description of operations on leaving in the corresponding terms is stated in the following sections of this Chapter:
through each 400 km, or weekly - p.p. 4-7,
through each 12000 km, or annually - p.p. 4-13
through each 24000 km, or annually - p.p. 4-28, and also check the angles of installation of wheels, if necessary adjust.
through each 48000 km, or every 2 year - p.p. 4-45
through each 80000 km, or every 2 year - river 46
through each 96000 km, or every 2 year - river 46 and Chapter 2B (replacement of a belt)
2.3 The bottom view of a forward part of the car with a wheel formula 4x4 and the 4-cylinder engine
1. Pendular lever
2. Generator
3. Oil pump
4. Cross-piece of a forward reducer
5. Crankshaft pulley
6. Support of a cross-piece of a forward reducer
7. Stabili