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2.17. Check of the driveshaft

1. Lift a back part of the car and establish on supports.
2. Check existence on a shaft of cracks and dents. At detection of any damages replace a shaft.
3. Check existence of a leak from under epiploons of a secondary shaft of the check point and a reducer of the back bridge.
4. Turning a wheel, check noise and side plays in cardan hinges.
5. For check of side plays in hinges turn a shaft at the recorded wheel, or. shake a shaft in the cross direction. Any side play indicates wear of cardan hinges.

17.9 Damage of covers of a half shaft (are specified by shooters) results in bystry wear of CV JOINTS

6. Check an inhaling of bolts of fastening of flanges of the driveshaft.
7. Similarly check a condition of a forward shaft of hinges (on cars 4x4).
8. Be convinced of lack of a leak of an epiploon of the transfer case.
9. Check a condition of CV JOINTS, covers and an epiploon of half shafts (photo), a condition of collars of covers. The leak on a feather a reducer indicates in the afternoon damage of an internal epiploon, and a leak about a wheel - damage an epiploon of a forward nave.