2.38. Replacement of transmission liquid! in automatic transmission

1. Make a short trip (15-20 min.) to warm liquid up to the working temperature.
2. Prepare liquid of the recommended brand.
3. Prepare the pallet of necessary capacity for liquid reception, rags and supports.
4. Lift the car and establish on supports.
5. Turn off back and side bolts of the pallet of a case of transmission (working in gloves).
6. Turn off forward bolts on 4 turns.
7. Carefully hook and displace the pallet, merge liquid in a vessel without loss.
8. Turn off other bolts and remove the pallet, remove the consolidation remains.
9. Clear the pallet of the consolidation material remains.
10. Apply sealant on new laying from the case plane.
11. Grease with sealant other party of laying establish laying and evenly tighten bolts with behind this moment.
12. Lower the car. Fill in liquid in quantity equal to merged.
13. Transfer the selector to situation P and turn on the emergency brake. Start the engine and transfer to idling.
14. Transfer the selector to all provisions and check liquid level, if necessary add (see above)
15. Make a short trip and be convinced of lack of a leak.