2.44. A cover of the distributor and the runner of a rotor - check and replacement.

The cover of the distributor is recommended to be changed together with candles.

44.1 Distributor cover screws

1. Disconnect an ignition coil wire, unscrew screws (or disconnect latches) and  uncover (photo). Carefully take a cover aside.
2. Check a condition of the runner (photo). At detection of any defects replace the runner for what remove it from a rotor (or turn off a bolt) and establish new (photo).

44.2 Characteristic damages of the runner of the distributor
1. Loss of elasticity of spring contact
2. Cracks
3. Damage because of a zadevaniye for a cover.
4. Corrosion

44.3 On engines of late releases the runner fastens a bolt

44.4 Characteristic damages of a cover of the distributor
1. Skop of a nest under a wire
2. Erosion of conclusions
3. Wear of a piece of coal 
4,5. Breakdown trace 
6. Cracks
5. Establish a cover on and tighten screws.

3. Check a condition of wires of the switchboard which is built in the distributor.
4. Examine a cover, check existence from the inside of cracks, breakdown traces (which thin burned out of paths), and also wear, a podgoraniye and weakening of contacts (photo). At detection of the slightest signs of a doubtful state replace a cover.