2.42. Replacement of spark plugs

1. On 4-cylinder engines 8 candles (on 2 on the cylinder), on V6 engines - 6 candles are established.
2. When replacing candles it is necessary to get new candles, to expose a gap and to screw instead of old, replacing each candle separately. The type of a candle is specified in the plate from a reverse side of a cowl.
3. Check a gap between electrodes of new candles the round probe, if necessary turn in a side electrode and expose a standard gap (photo).
4. On the cold engine clear platforms about candles, remove a wire for a tip (photo), turn out a candle and turn new by hand or by means of a hose (photo). Tighten a candle with the set moment.
5. Check a condition of a tip and dress on a candle.
6. Similarly replace other candles.
7. Check a condition of a skirt of the insulator of the removed candles by which it is possible to determine the general condition of the engine.