2.6. Check of level of liquid of the power steering

1. Level of liquid of the power steering needs to be checked and restored periodically.
2. The nutritious tank is mounted on the pump of the power steering and is in a forward part of a motor compartment. On V6 engines the tank is located behind the battery.
3. When checking level of a wheel have to is in the provision of driving on a straight line, the engine has to be stopped. Liquid in the hydraulic booster and the engine have to be cold.
4. Wipe a tank.
5. Turn out a tank stopper with the built-in probe (photo).
6. Wipe the probe. and again insert into a tank. Get the probe and check the liquid level which has to be between marks in the probe.
7. If necessary add liquid to normal level
8. If the frequent dolivaniye of liquid is required, then in a hydraulic actuator there is a leak and it is necessary to check a condition of all tubes and connections.