2.13. Replacement of oil and oil filter

1. Replacement of oil is the simplest operation which can be executed independently.
2. It is expedient to combine replacement of the filter with oil replacement.
3. Before works prepare all necessary tools and materials.
4. Install the car on a hole or a platform.
5. Wipe a drain stopper of the pallet.
6. Warm up the engine.
7. Oil changes on completely heated-up engine.
8. Substitute the pallet under a drain stopper and release a stopper.
9. Turn out a stopper, the last several turns rotate a stopper slowly (photo).
10. Merge oil in the substituted pallet.
11. After running off of oil wipe a stopper with pure rags (photo).
12. Wipe the pallet about a drain opening and wrap a stopper. Densely tighten a stopper with the set moment.
13. Rearrange the pallet under an oil filter.

13:9á The Drain stopper on the V6 engine

13:9í The Drain stopper on the 4-cylinder engine

14. By means of a special key release an oil filter (photo)
13,14 (At the left) and 4-cylinder (on the right) to release an oil filter on the V6 engine
15. Turn out the filter hands.
16. Make sure that the type and the sizes of the new filter completely coincide with type and the sizes of fulfilled.
17. Wipe with pure rags the place of a prileganiye of the filter on the block of cylinders. Remove laying.
18. Slightly oil rubber laying of the new filter (photo) for the engine.
13:18 Before a wraparound of the filter oil laying of the filter fresh for the engine.
19. Wrap the filter and tighten the filter by hand.
20. Remove the tool and lower the car.
21. Fill in oil of the necessary brand through a stopper oil - a jellied mouth on a cover of a head of cylinders.
22. At first fill in about 0,8 l of oil then wait several minutes that all oil flew down in the pallet and the probe check oil level.
23. Continue to add oil in the small portions, before achievement of the mark "L". Start the engine that oil filled all lubricant channels.
24. Stop the engine and immediately check oil leaks, if necessary tighten a stopper or the filter.
25. Check level and if necessary add oil.
26. In we lie several trips after oil change especially you watch closely a leak and check oil level.

14:22 Order of adjustment of valves 1. To a forward part of the engine

13:11 The metal particles which stuck to a magnetic stopper