2.28. Check of seat belts

1. Check a condition of belts, buckles and fastenings.
2. Make sure that at the included ignition the lamp reminding of need burns fastened belts.
3. Check operation inertial the mechanism of fixing of belts.
4. At detection of signs abnormal works the belt assembled should be replaced.

27.5a Adjustment of a tension of belts of 4-cylinder engines
1. Fan pulley                 
2. Compressor pulley                
3. Lock-nut                             
4. Adjustment                           
5. Bolt
6,10. To weaken
7. Roles

27.4 Check of a tension of a belt
1. Whetstone
2. Ruler
3. Belt deflection
4. The ruler has to settle down perpendicularly to whetstone

27.5b Adjustment of a tension of belts on the V6 engine
1. Compressor pulley
2. Generator pulley
3. Pulley of a kolenvap
4. Pulley of the hydraulic booster
5. Cooling pump pulley

27.6a For adjustment of a tension of a belt of some units it is necessary to release the specified bolt...

29.2 Removal of a cover of the filter

29.4 Removal of the filter of ventilation of a case

27.6b... a bolt And yes to rotate a bolt In (on V6 engines)

30.6 The fuel filter on carburetor engines with the electric pump