2.16. Check of a suspension bracket and steering

1. Check "these knots is recommended to be combined with any procedure at which a forward part of the car rises.
2. Signs of malfunction of steering and a suspension bracket are the raised wheel side play, a strong inclination of a body during the passing of turns, vibration of a body when driving on the uneven road, jamming of a wheel at turn.
3. Check operation of shock-absorbers for what several times sharply press each corner of the car and release If after one-two pressing the body of the car does not come back to a starting position, then it indicates an exit of shock-absorbers out of operation and need of their replacement. During the pressing and an otpuskaniye of the car listen to sounds which are made by suspension bracket details.
4. Lift a forward part the car and establish on supports.
5. Check a condition of all fastenings, and also leaks from the steering mechanism and shock-absorbers.
6. Clear and check integrity of sealants of spherical support and tips of steering drafts.
7. Check a side play of bearings, having shaken a wheel in the vertical plane. At a notable side play adjust bearings.
8. Ask the assistant to shake a wheel in the horizontal plane, watching spherical support and tips of drafts. Attentively check side plays of all spherical hinges connecting a bipod to side drafts, the pendular lever and the central cross draft. The pendular lever fastens to bolts to a frame. Previously check an inhaling of all fastenings.
9. Check a side play in the steering mechanism for what holding a bipod turn a wheel (it is carried out with the assistant). Movement of a wheel at a motionless bipod indicates wear of the steering mechanism. If the side play is observed only in the provision of wheels corresponding to driving on a straight line, the worm of a steering reducer is worn-out If the side play is observed in any situation, up to a full reversing of wheels, the bipod shaft bearing is worn-out. Also point out oil leaks wear of a reducer. In this case the reducer should be removed for check and repair.
10. Check a side play on a rim of a wheel which should not exceed 35 mm. The raised side play indicates wear of hinges and the steering mechanism.
11. Check a condition of details of a back suspension bracket (rubber plugs, fastenings, etc.).