2.39. Replacement of lubricant in naves of forward wheels and check of bearings (only for rear wheel drive cars)

1. Side plays in hug bearings check every time when raising a forward part of the car.
2. Turn a wheel and check freedom of rotation side plays.
3. If when swing a wheel in the vertical plane the side play is felt, then it is necessary to check bearings to replace lubricant in a nave
4. Remove a wheel
5. Remove a support, take aside and fix.
6. Vypressuyte cap of a nave (photo).

39.6 Removal of a cap of a nave

39.7 Nave and bearing of a forward wheel
1. Epiploon
2. Internal bearing
3. Nave
4. External bearing
5. Washer
6. Ring
7. Forelock
8. Cap
9. Adjusting nut
10. Brake disk 
11. Brake board

7. Rasshplintuyte  cap  of an adjusting  nut (photo).
8. Turn off a nut and remove a washer.
9. Give a nave on yourself and push back, get the external bearing.
10. Remove a nave from a pin of a rotary fist.
11. Hook the screw-driver and get an epiploon (photo). Pay attention to orientation of an epiploon in a nave.
12. Get the internal bearing.
13. Wash out bearings and a nave from lubricant, clear a pin.
14. Check a condition of rollers and external holders of bearings in naves. In case of damages on external holders they need to be vypressovat (it is carried out at car repair shop) and to replace bearings.
15. Put refractory lubricant in bearings, having carefully filled space in a holder of rollers (photo).
16. Grease places of landing of bearings on a pin and boring under an epiploon.

39.11 Extraction of an epiploon of a nave

17. Put lubricant for holders of bearings, having covered edges of holders and having created a fillet for preservation of lubricant in bearings.
18. Insert the greased internal bearing and apply lubricant on its external part.
19. Press a new epiploon.
20. Establish a nave and dress the external bearing.
21. Dress a washer and tighten a nut with m 3 N.' moment.
22. Turn a nave in both directions.
23. Believe the moment of an inhaling and again turn a nave in both directions. Check the moment of resistance to a provorachivaniye which has to remain equal 3 N. m.
24. Wrap a nut on 45 °.
25. Dress the crowncap and a zashplintuyta. If necessary tighten a nut clockwise that the forelock passed in grooves of a cap and in a pin opening.
26. Bend the forelock so that it did not touch a nave cap.

39.15 Lubricant of hug bearings

40.4 The ventilating valve of the cooling system on V6 engines

27. Napressuyte a nave cap, having tracked safety of a sealing ring.
28. Dress a wheel, tighten nuts and having shaken, check a side play in bearings. Lower the car.