2.18. Check of the exhaust system

1. Check is carried out on the cold engine
(not less than three hours later after a stop). Check about standing of all details of the exhaust system, beginning about the engine and to terminal section of the muffler.
2. Check existence on pipes and connections existence of corrosion, mechanical damages, leak existence
exhaust gases. Be convinced of durability of fastening of details of system and of the normal state of arms.
3. At the same time examine a condition of the bottom of the car check existence of corrosion, through openings, the dispersed seams through which exhaust gases can on fall in interior of the car. Close up all through openings in the body bottom silicone hard putty.
4 Knocks and other noise can be often caused by details of the exhaust system, especially in places of their fastening. Shake pipes, mufflers, converter.
If these details come to contact with suspension bracket details, then replace fastening elements.