12.9. The release bearing - replacement

1. At repair or replacement of details of coupling it is necessary to replace the release bearing, or to perform works on its service.
2. If a lubricant exit from the bearing is observed, or the bearing is hardly turned by hand, then it should be replaced.
3. Remove a rubber cover of a clutch release fork lever.
4. Disconnect the screw-driver a spring of a spherical support of a fork (photo).
5. Remove a coupling switching off fork.
6. Remove the release bearing (photo).

Check existence on a fork of cracks and deformations. Check freedom of rotation of the bearing by hand. The release bearing cannot be washed out and in solvent. At installation of new coupling the release bearing should be replaced.

7. If necessary press the release bearing from a nave (photo).

8.7 Vypressovyvaniye of the release bearing from a nave

8.9 Put lubricant in an internal cavity of a nave, grease the places specified by arrows 1. To put lubricant

9.5 Removal of the directing plug a special stripper

8. Press the new bearing, putting effort to an external holder.
9. Assembly is carried out upside-down. Put refractory lubricant in an internal cavity of a nave (photo).
10. Apply a thin film of the same lubricant on the rubbing fork surfaces. Excess lubricant is not allowed
11. At installation of a fork on the release bearing be convinced that the terminations of a spring came into a pro-point of the bearing and rest against a fork (photo).

9.6 Removal of the directing plug hydroblow

8.11 Fixing of the release bearing a spring on a coupling switching off fork