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12.7. A coupling hydraulic actuator - removal

1. Pumping of system will be required every time after carrying out dismantling and assembly of a hydraulic actuator of coupling.
2. Zapol-fwre a tank is fresher brake fluid (use of the fulfilled liquid is forbidden).
3. First of all it is necessary to remove air from the damping cylinder.
4. Dress a hose on the cylinder union and release in the capacity filled with brake fluid on 3-5 cm.
5. Unscrew the pumping union on 1/2 turns and ask the assistant to press a coupling pedal to the full. Tighten the union, ask the assistant to release a pedal slowly. Repeat the procedure until the hose does not cease to leave vials of air.

7.8 Check of deformation of petals of a diaphragm spring

7.6 Coupling removal

6. After two, three times of pressing a pedal check liquid level. Constantly you watch level, the tank has to be completely filled with liquid.
7. At the pressed pedal tighten the union (do not tighten too strongly), remove a hose, restore liquid level in a tank. Execute the same operations for the main cylinder of coupling.