12:15. A half shaft, the back wheel bearing and an epiploon - removal and installation.

1. Lift a back part of the car.
2. Remove wheels.
3. Remove the brake drum (Gl.10)
4. Disconnect a cable of the parking brake and the highway of a hydraulic actuator (Gl.10)
5. Turn off brake board nuts.
6. Remove a half shaft assembled with a brake (photo). If by hand it is not possible to get a half shaft, then it is necessary to use a shock stripper with an adapter which is established on hairpins of fastening of a wheel.
7. Hook and get an external epiploon (photo). An epiploon it is necessary to change every time at removal of a half shaft. Press a new epiploon a mandrel of suitable diameter.
8. Press the bearing from a half shaft. This operation is recommended to be carried out in car service as the stripper or a press is necessary. If these prisposoleniye are available, then execute the following.

14:6í Removal of a back half shaft by means of a shock stripper

14.9 Raskontrite a nut of the bearing of a back wheel for what unbend washer teeth

9. Unbend teeth of a lock washer of a nut of the bearing (photo).
10. Turn off a bearing nut a vorotkovy key (photo) for what clamp a half shaft in a vice through a soft pro-rate.
11. By means of a press or a stripper remove a half shaft from the bearing and a brake board.
12. Beat out an epiploon from the bearing feedwell (the epiploon is subject to replacement).
13. If on an external holder of the bearing there are damages, then replace the bearing. For this purpose beat out a holder from the feedwell by means of brass a small beard (photo).

14:13 Removal of an external holder of the bearing

14.7 Extraction of an epiploon

14:10 Otvorachivany nuts of the bearing of a back wheel

14. A mandrel of suitable diameter press a new epiploon of the bearing in the feedwell. Grease working edges of an epiploon with jellied lubricant.
15. Carefully press an external holder of the bearing blows of the hammer to a brass mandrel.
16. Install on a half shaft the dividing plug so,' that the facet on an opening was turned towards a flange of a half shaft (photo).
17. By means of a brass mandrel carefully press the bearing.
18. Establish ring and lock washers, correctly orient and wrap a bearing nut.
19. Zakontrite a nut, having bent teeth of a lock washer.

14:16 Orientation of the dividing plug of the bearing at installation on a half shaft 1. Flange of a half shaft 2. Plug

14:22 Adjusting laying is established  between an end face of a beam of the back bridge and the case of the bearing and provides a necessary longitudinal side play of a half shaft

20. Apply jellied lubricant on the bearing and in a pro-point at an end face of a beam of the back bridge.
21. Oil half shaft vents gearbox, apply jellied lubricant on working edges of an epiploon.
22. Establish all removed adjusting laying (photo).
23. If both half shafts were removed, establish one of them. Measure a longitudinal side play of a half shaft (photo) which has to be 0,3-0,9 mm. If the side play does not meet standard, then adjust for what remove a half shaft and add or remove adjusting laying (thickness of laying is specified Specifications).
24. Establish the second half shaft (if acted) and adjust a side play selection of laying.
25. Further assembly is carried out upside-down.

15.5 Otvorachivaniye of bolts of a reducer of the back bridge

14. 23 Check of a longitudinal side play of a half shaft