12:17. An epiploon of the leading gear wheel of a reducer - replacement

1. Merge oil from a reducer.
2. Lift a back part of the car, we will establish supports under a frame and a case of a reducer.
3. Disconnect the driveshaft from a reducer and displace aside.
4. Record a reducer flange mount or the big screw-driver, having screwed bolts, and turn off a nut of the leading gear wheel.
5. Remove a flange of a reducer (photo).
6. Hook and remove an epiploon (photo).
7. Grease an epiploon and a pro-point in a case a reducer! jellied lubricant. Accurately, without allowing a smeshcheiya of the leading gear wheel of a reducer, press a new epiploon; so that its surface became aflush with a case (sponges of an epiploon have to be turned inside).

16.5 Removal of a flange of a reducer by means of a stripper

8. Establish a reducer flange, a persistent washer and wrap a nut.
9. Having recorded a reducer flange, tighten a nut before disappearance of an axial side play of the leading gear wheel.
10. Turn the leading gear wheel of a reducer several times in both directions. By means of a dynamometer key with a scale in m also measure torque size in several N. at which the leading gear wheel begins to be turned. This moment is equal to a preliminary tightness in bearings of the leading gear wheel and has to correspond specified in Specifications. If the moment appears less demanded, then tighten a reducer nut until the necessary moment is reached.

16.6 Extraction of an epiploon of a reducer

The preliminary tightness is provided with the expansion plug of bearings of the leading gear wheel. If the size of a preliminary tightness is more recommended, then the plug will be deformed. In this case the reducer should be removed and replaced the expansion plug.

17.8 Zadny Bridge (shooters specified the investigated connections at removal of the bridge)

11. Further assembly is carried out upside-down.
12. Upon termination of fill in oil in a reducer.