12:16. A reducer of the back bridge - removal and installation

This description belongs only to removable reducers which fasten in a bridge beam. On it is frequent cars are established the non-demountable back bridge which repair is carried out only in car service.

1. Lift a back part of the car.
2. Merge oil from a reducer.
3. Disconnect a back part of the driveshaft from a reducer.
4. Bring both half shafts out of reducer differential (the half shaft can be not got).
5. Evenly and gradually, in the diagonal sequence, turn off bolts of a case of a reducer and remove a reducer (photo).
6. The special equipment and the tool are necessary for repair of a reducer. Repair of this unit in house conditions is beyond the present description. Therefore if abnormal work of a reducer was noted, then it should be replaced that is more expedient from the point of view of expenses.
7. Remove the remains of old laying and establish new laying.
8. Installation is carried out as it should be the return to removal. Tighten bolts with the set moment.
9. Fill in oil (Gl.1) in a reducer.