12.3. A coupling pedal - removal, installation and adjustment

1. Disconnect a pusher of the main cylinder from a pedal.
2. Turn out the limiter of a pedal or the sensor of switching off of coupling from an arm.
3. Turn off a nut and remove an axis of a pedal (photo).
4. The returning spring
5. Coupling switching off sensor
6. ASCD switch (control cruise)
7. Servopruzhina
8. Pedal
4. Remove a pedal and a spring:
5. Wash out details in solvent and replace those which are strongly worn-out or damaged. The plug is pressed in a pedal therefore in case of the increased wear of the plug all pedal changes.
6. Installation is carried out upside-down.

2.6 At installation of a pedal grease the specified places 1. To grease

3.3 The main cylinder fastens to a partition of a motor compartment

Grease with jellied lubricant a pedal axis, the persistent platform, a servopruzhina and a pin of a pusher of the main cylinder (photo)

7. After installation check height and a free wheeling of a pedal. If necessary adjust, having executed the operations described in Chapter 1.