12.2. Coupling - general information

Coupling is located between the engine and the transmission, consists of the conducted (frictional) disk, a casing of coupling with a press disk and a coupling switching off hydraulic actuator. Cylinders, a pedal, a fork of switching off of coupling and the release bearing are a part of the drive the worker the main thing. The frictional disk consists of two ring frictional slips clamped by a diaphragm spring between a flywheel and the press disk Rotation from the engine on a main shaft of the check point is transmitted through a frictional disk and a nave.
The pedal of coupling is connected to the main cylinder which together with a tank of a hydraulic actuator are mounted on a partition of a motor compartment from the driver. When pressing a pedal, effort moves liquid of hydraulic system to the working cylinder forward. The piston in the working cylinder sets a coupling switching off fork which moves the release bearing in motion the Release bearing rests against a heel therefore action of a diaphragm spring weakens and coupling is switched off (the main shaft is disconnected from the engine).
In process of wear of a frictional disk the gap between a frictional and press disk is chosen automatically.

Access to details of coupling is complicated therefore at each removal of the engine or transmission attentively examine clutch plates and the release bearing. If necessary replace these details. The frictional disk is replaced without fail, irrespective of its state.