12:10. The directing plug of a main shaft of the check point - replacement

1. The directing plug is a support of a main shaft of the check point and is pressed in an opening in a back flange of the crankshaft. A condition of the plug it is necessary to check every time when coupling is removed. If there are doubts concerning a condition of the plug, then it should be replaced.
2. Remove the transmission (Hl. 7A).
3. Remove coupling.
4. Wipe the plug and check a state, having lit the plug an opening.
5. Vypressuyte plug (photo).
6. In the absence of a special stripper for a vypressovyvaniye of the plug remove the plug by means of hydroblow for this purpose fill deepening in the crankshaft with dense lubricant, having carefully removed air, and strike the mandrel inserted into the plug. Diameter of a mandrel has to be not less internal diameter of the plug (photo). Get the plug and remove all lubricant.
7. Press the new plug. The distance from the outer edge of the plug to a surface of a flange of the crankshaft has to be And = 4 mm (photo).
8. Establish coupling and the transmission.

9.8 Installation of a new guide of the plug 1. The directing plug

10.1 Driveshaft A - Models 3S63H, 3S80B and 3S71A 1. Average support 2. Washer 3. Flange 4. Back section of a shaft 5. Forward section of a shaft 6. Collar of an average support 7. Arm 8. Crosspiece 9. Lock ring 10. Bearing