12:11. The driveshaft, a reducer and the back bridge - general information

Operations on service of the forward bridge see in Hl. 9

On cars the two-section driveshaft with an average support and three cardan hinges from the transmission is installed, a reducer of the back bridge and on an average support. Hinges can be replaced separately. The driveshaft is balanced industrially, at assembly it is not allowed to break its initial orientation concerning other details.
Zadny Bridge consists of a beam, a reducer and half shafts. The reducer transfers rotation from the driveshaft to wheels and is established in a middle part of the bridge. Half shafts have the shlitsevy internal terminations which are inserted into vents of the leading gear wheels of differential of a reducer. The external terminations of half shafts rotate in bearings of back wheels. Dismantling and repair of a reducer are carried out in car service.

11.3 Fixing of the driveshaft at an otvorachivaniye of bolts