12:14. Cardan hinges - replacement

Cardan hinges on a part of cars are not subject to replacement. Before dismantling cardan a shaft consult at the supplier of spare parts.

Lock rings of bearings of crosspieces are picked up for thickness. Not to break balancing of the driveshaft new lock rings of crosspieces have to be just the same thickness, as replaced (see. "Specifications")

13.2 To remove a lock ring, beat out егс blows of the hammer to the screw-driver

13.3 Vypressovyvaniye of crosspiece bearings

14:6á Half shaft and back bridge 1. Epiploon 2. Nut of the wheel bearing 3. Lock washer of the wheel bearing 4. Washer 5. Wheel bearing 6. Dividing plug 7. Bearing 8 holder. Epiploon 9. Half shaft 10. Filling opening 11. Sapun 12. Slivn

13.6 Installation of lock rings

1. Designate a relative positioning of all details of hinges.
2. Clear a fork of dirt and get lock rings (photo).
3. Beat out bearings of crosspieces blows of the hammer with soft brisk on a fork (photo).
4. Get a crosspiece.
5. Check a side play of bearings in necks of crosspieces, replace worn-out details.
6. Assembly is carried out upside-down.

Before installation grease lock rings with jellied lubricant Establish lock rings on former places (photo), considering that thickness of lock rings opposite bearings should not differ more than on 0,06 mm.