12.6. The damping cylinder of coupling - removal, dismantling and installation

1. Disconnect from the cylinder of the union of tubes of a hydraulic actuator (photo), muffle tubes.
2. Turn out two screws and remove the cylinder.
3. Turn off bolts and uncover, get other details (photo).

7.5 Order of an otpuskaniye of bolts of coupling

4. Wash out all details in pure brake fluid.
5. Check a condition of an internal surface of the cylinder. At detection of corrosion or scratches replace the cylinder.
6. Check a gap between the cylinder and the piston. If the gap exceeds 0,15 mm, then replace the piston or the cylinder, having picked up details so that the gap met standard.
7. At assembly, moisten the piston and the cylinder with pure brake fluid. Track correctness of installation of all rubber details.
8. Install the cylinder upside-down.
9. Pump over a coupling hydraulic actuator (see below).
10. Adjust height and a free wheeling of a pedal. (Hl. 1)