12.4. The main cylinder of coupling - removal, dismantling and installation

3. The main cylinder of coupling - removal, dismantling and installation
1. Disconnect a pusher of the main cylinder from a coupling pedal.
2. Disconnect the highway of a hydraulic actuator from the cylinder and merge liquid.
3. Turn out bolts of fastening and remove the cylinder (photo).
4. Merge the remained liquid from a tank and clear the cylinder.
5. Remove a dustproof cover of the cylinder and get a restrictive ring (photo).
6. Get a pusher.
7. Drown the piston in the cylinder and turn out a restrictive bolt (photo).
8. Remove the piston assembled with a spring.

The design of the piston is non-demountable.

9. It is necessary to replace a hydraulic actuator tank only in case of damage of a tank. The removed tank is subject to obligatory replacement.
10. Check a condition of an internal surface of the cylinder. At detection of zadir, scratches or the painted sites replace the cylinder.
11. If an internal surface in good shape, then replace only a sealant.
12. Before installation of details they need to be greased with brake fluid.
13. Establish by fingers piston cuffs in the corresponding grooves, watching correctness of their orientation (photo).
14. Assembly of the cylinder is carried out upside-down.
15. Installation is carried out upside-down. Check height of a pedal of coupling and a free wheeling (Hl. 1), remove air from a hydraulic actuator (see below).

3.5 The restrictive ring can be removed by means of the narrow screw-driver

3.7 Main cylinder of a hydraulic actuator of coupling 1. Cover of a tank          2. Nutritious tank         3. Collar       4. Lock-nut            5. Dustproof cover        6. Restrictive ring       7. Pusher            8. Piston 9. Vozvrashchayushcha

3.13 The correct installation of cuffs of the piston (are specified by shooters). Working edges of cuffs have to be turned in the specified direction