12:18. Zadny Bridge - removal and installation

1. Lift a back part of the car and establish supports under a body.
2. Prop up the cart with a jack the back bridge under a reducer case.
3. Remove wheels.
4. Disconnect the driveshaft from a reducer.
5. Disconnect a cable of the emergency brake and the highway of a hydraulic actuator of brakes (Hl. 10).
6. Turn off the lower nuts of fastening of both shock-absorbers and squeeze shock-absorbers.
7. Disconnect from a body of draft of the stabilizer (Gl.11).
8. Disconnect the top and lower longitudinal bars.
9. Disconnect a cross bar (Gl.11) from the back bridge.
10. Carefully lower the back bridge and you will remove springs (the procedure of removal and installation of springs is described in Hl. 11).
11. If it is supposed to replace a beam of the back bridge, then remove back brakes assembled, half shafts and a reducer and rearrange all details on a new beam
12. Installation of the bridge is carried out upside-down.
13. Pump over brakes (Hl. 10).