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12.8. Coupling mechanism details - removal, dismantling and installation

1. The increased noise (gnash) at inclusion of transfers or pro-slipping of coupling confirm strong wear of a frictional disk.
2. Wear of coupling strongly depends on a manner of driving of Probuksovk when driving will accelerate wear of a frictional disk the Frictional disk is recommended to be changed through each 64000 km of a run.
3. For access to coupling it is necessary to remove the transmission (Hl. 7).
4. After removal of the check point examine coupling outside and check a condition of fingers of a diaphragm spring on a coupling casing. At detection of any damages (deformation or a bend of fingers) replace a coupling casing assembled with a spring.
5. Gradually, in the diagonal sequence release bolts, stress of a spring (photo) will not be removed yet. Do not damage a press plate. Record a flywheel from a provorachivaniye, having inserted the screw-driver into a starter aperture.
6. Turn out bolts, remove a casing of coupling, press a disk and a frictional disk. (photo)
7. Clear of lubricant and dirt press a disk, a flywheel and the holder of the bearing.
8. Check a condition of a surface of a press disk existence on it of zadir, dents and scratches. Check a condition of petals of a diaphragm spring and dead Check deformation of petals by means of the probe (unevenness of petals on height, a photo), be convinced that this size does not exceed the limit specified in Specifications. At detection of any defects assembled replace coupling.

7.14 Before tightening of bolts center a frictional disk concerning a flywheel

8.4 Detachment of a spring of a spherical support of a fork of switching off of coupling

9. Check wear of a frictional disk. Replace a disk if distance from a surface of a frictional slip to heads of rivets less than 0,8 mm or if on frictional material there are any damages or oil spots.

8. 6 Removal of the release bearing

10. Check a condition of a surface of a flywheel. If on it there are superficial damages, then a proshlifuyta a flywheel. At considerable damages (breakages on a gear wreath, burning out traces on a frictional surface) replace a flywheel (Hl. 2).
11. If on details of coupling oil traces are found, then establish the reason and eliminate. If oil is revealed from a coupling casing, then replace an epiploon of a main shaft of the check point.
12. The release bearing is recommended to be replaced. Check wear of the directing bearing plug, if necessary replace (see below).
13. Before assembly apply a thin film of molybdenic lubricant on vents of a main shaft.
14. Before installation of coupling center a frictional disk concerning a flywheel by means of a mandrel or the suitable tool (photo).
15. Install a coupling basket on the directing pins. Wrap bolts and tighten in the diagonal sequence in several stages before achievement of the set moment (photo).
16. Install the transmission.