3.9. Springs of valves and oil scraper caps - replacement

1. Uncover a head of cylinders and rollers with yokes.
2. Turn out candles (on one on the cylinder).
3. Install the piston of the 1st cylinder in compression step VMT. Change springs and caps in an operating procedure of the engine (1 - 3-4-2).
4. Fix the valve, having given compressed air or a soft flexible bar (photo). If compressed air goes out of the cylinder, then the head should be removed and repaired.

9.4 Fixing of the valve compressed air at removal of a spring...

9.5... and crackers

5. Squeeze a spring and remove crackers (photo).
6. Remove a plate, a spring and a cap.
7. Wrap up a valve core a tape and get a bar.
8. Check a condition of a core the valve. Check a core bend, having turned the valve.
9. Check freedom of movement of the valve in the plug. When jamming the valve the head of cylinders should be removed and repaired.
10. Again fix the valve.
11. Grease a core of the valve and dress a cap.
12. Establish springs by a dense navivka towards a head of cylinders, install plates.
13. Squeeze a spring and establish crackers.
14. Get a bar from the cylinder.
15. Repeat operations for other valves.
16. Further assembly is carried out upside-down.