3.13. A head of cylinders - installation

1. Before installation carefully clear demountable surfaces of a head and the block of cylinders. Scrape off a deposit and the remains of material of laying, wash out solvent.
2. Check existence on the demountable planes of a head and the block of cylinders of zadir, chips, hollows and other damages.  Insignificant   damages   can be eliminated with a file, in the presence of serious damages the head or the block are subject to regrinding.
3. Accurately banish carvings of bolts and in openings under bolts.
4. Put new laying on the block of cylinders, focusing on pins. Carefully put a head on the block of cylinders, without violating the provision of laying.
5. Wrap by hand bolts of a head of cylinders on former places.
6. Tighten bolts with the set moment in the specified sequence (photo), doing 1/4 turns at one time. The order of an inhaling is specified in Specifications.
7. Establish a cam-shaft asterisk.
8. Other operations on assembly are carried out upside-down.
9. After completion of works fill the cooling system with liquid, start the engine, check existence of a leak. Check idling turns, if necessary adjust.

13.6 Sequence of an inhaling of bolts of a head of cylinders (K24)

10. Adjust valves, having established gaps for the heated-up engine.