3.21. A flywheel (a drive plate of the hydrotransformer) - removal and installation

1. On cars remove the coupling mechanism in collecting from the manual transmission (Hl. 8). On cars with automatic transmission remove transmission (Hl. 7).
2. Turn off bolts of fastening of a flywheel (a drive plate of the hydrotransformer) to the crankshaft, having unbent lock washers and having rested the screw-driver against a gear wreath to record from a provorachivaniye (photo).
3. Carefully remove a flywheel from the crankshaft.
4. Turn off bolts and remove a back intensifying plate of the engine (photo). Check existence of a leak of oil through back caps.
3. On cars with a formula 4x4 apply sealant
4. Drive plate
5. For automatic transmission
5. Check integrity of teeths of a wreath, at strong damages replace a flywheel (disk).
6. The procedure for test of a flywheel is described in Gl.8.
7. Clear surfaces of a prileganiye of the crankshaft and a flywheel.
8. Establish an intensifying plate.
9. Establish a flywheel, having replaced a lining.
10. Tighten bolts in a cross order.
11. Other operations are carried out upside-down.