3.17. A forward epiploon of the crankshaft - replacement

17. A forward epiploon of the crankshaft - replacement
1. Remove a pulley.
2. Carefully get an epiploon, having hooked it the screw-driver or other tool (photo).
3. Clear an opening under an epiploon and slightly oil an external surface of a new epiploon for the engine. Carefully press a new epiploon into place by means of a mandrel with a diameter a little smaller what diameter of an epiploon (photo). After installation be convinced that the provision of a spring of an epiploon is not violated.
4. Establish a pulley.
5. Establish other details. Start the engine and be convinced of lack of a leak.

17.2 Forward epiploon of the crankshaft

17.3 Epiploon press fitting

18.14a At removal of a cover do not damage a forward part of laying of a head of cylinders

18.14b Forward cover of the K24 engine
1. Crankshaft
2. Crankshaft asterisk
3. Maslootrazhatel
4. Pulley
5. Epiploon
6. Cover
7. Boot of a natyazhitel and uspokoitel of a chain
8. Natyazhitel
9. Asterisk
10. Chain