3.20. The oil pallet - removal and installation

1. Merge oil.
2. Lift a forward part of the car and establish on supports.
3. Remove engine mudguards.
4. On cars with a formula 4x9 remove a stretcher.
5. On cars with a formula 4x4 remove a forward reducer, you will hang out the engine, having weakened support. Record support wooden whetstones.
6. Turn off bolts and remove the oil pallet. At removal do not damage the demountable planes of the block of cylinders and the pallet.

19.14v On the K24 engine the link with silvery coloring has to be combined with a tag on a cam-shaft asterisk

19.15a Take aside an uspokoitel.

19.15b the Gap between the case of a natyazhitel and a boot after assembly has to be absent
1. Natyazhitel
2. After assembly

21.2 Removal of a flywheel

7. Carefully clear the demountable planes of the block of cylinders and the pallet of the consolidation remains. Wash out the condensed planes solvent of varnishes or acetone. Be convinced of purity of carving openings in the block of cylinders.
8. Check existence on the demountable plane of the pallet of deformations, especially about openings under bolts. If necessary align the demountable plane the hammer, having laid on a wooden board.
9. Apply on the pallet plane RTV sealant with a thin layer and lay laying.
10. Install the pallet and evenly in a cross order tighten bolts with set, the moment. In 30 min. (after a sealant skhvatyvaniye) fill in oil, start the engine and be convinced of lack of leaks.