3.18. A forward cover - removal and installation

1. Merge cooling liquid.
2. Remove the fan and a radiator.
3. Merge oil.
4. Remove  the ignition distributor.
5. Remove the oil pump.
6. Remove the pump of cooling liquid.
7. Remove the lever of adjustment of a tension of a belt of the generator for what turn off the top bolt of the generator, and then lever bolts.
8. Disconnect vacuum and fuel tubes from a forward cover.
9. Remove the conditioner compressor (if it is provided) and take aside, without disconnecting from the highway.
10. Remove the pump of the hydraulic booster  (if  it is provided) and take aside, disconnect hoses from the pump.
11. Remove an inlet branch pipe of cooling liquid.
12. Remove the oil pallet.
13. Remove a crankshaft pulley.
14. Turn off bolts and remove a forward cover, having displaced easy blows (photo).
15. Press a new epiploon.
16. Lay laying on a cover and apply sealant in the specified points (photo).
17. Grease a forward edge of an epiploon. Establish a cover and evenly in stages tighten bolts with the set moment.

18:16 Places of putting sealant before installation of a cover

18. Other operations on assembly are carried out upside-down.