3.11. A final collector - removal and installation

1. Disconnect air ejection tubes, remove the case of valves (if it is provided).
2. Disconnect the channel connecting a collector and the air filter.
3. Remove a thermal guard.
4. Disconnect a tube of recirculation (photo).
5. Lift a forward part of the car and establish on supports.
6. Disconnect a forward exhaust pipe.
7. Disconnect wires from candles from a final collector.
8. Turn off bolts and nuts of a collector.

11.4 Air ejection tubes (at the left) and recirculation (on the right) on a final collector  of the Z24i engine

12.13a the Sequence of weakening of bolts of a head of cylinders on Z24 engines

12.13b the Sequence of weakening of bolts of a head of cylinders on K24 engines

13.2 Head of cylinders of the K24 engine
1 Rollers of yokes and yoke of valves
2. Head of cylinders
3. Laying
4. Bolt
5. Cam-shaft
6. Saddle
7. The directing plug
8. Basic washer
9. Oil scraper cap
10. Crackers
11. Plate
12. Inlet

9. Disconnect a collector.
10. Clear a collector of the consolidation remains.
11. Establish new laying on a head of cylinders. Tighten by hand bolts and nuts.
12. In 3-4 receptions tighten bolts and nuts with the set moment. Tighten from the center to the periphery in a cross order.
13. Other operations are carried out upside-down.
20. Warm up, the engine and be convinced of tightness of connections of a collector.