3.6. The roller with yokes - dismantling and assembly

1. Remove all bolts except for two bolts on both ends.
2. Holding the roller, carefully get 2 extreme bolts, allowing to be straightened springs.
3. Remove yokes and designate so that at assembly to establish on former places.
4. Replace rollers if on them there are wear signs.

6.5a Orientation of rollers of yokes at assembly (Z24 engine)
1. Grooves
2. Kerneniya
3. Roller of final valves
4. Roller of inlet valves
5. To a forward part of the engine

6.5b Adjusting tags on arms of rollers and on a head of cylinders 1. To a forward part of the engine 2. Tags on arms 3. Tags on a head of cylinders

6.5v Orientation of brackets at assembly of rollers with yokes (the K24J 1,2 engine. Cut 3. From inlet valves 4. From final valves

7.6 Otvorachivaniye of a cam-shaft asterisk bolt

7.8 Fixing of a chain wedge

7.12 Before installation grease cam-shaft necks

5. Install the roller in a forward arm, combine openings and insert bolts. On the roller of inlet valves grooves are provided. At assembly install rollers so that kerneniye at their end faces were turned up. Establish arms being guided on tags (photo).
6. Dress yokes, squeeze a spring and establish back arms, insert bolts. Install rollers and a cover upside-down.