3.4. A cover of a head of cylinders - removal and installation

1. Remove the air filter.
2. Disconnect from candles of a wire and take aside together with arms.
3. Disconnect a hose of the vacuum amplifier.
4. Turn off bolts of a cover (photo).
5. Uncover, having carefully opened consolidation.
6. Clear a cover of the remains of consolidations.

4.4 Cover of a head of cylinders

4.9 An order of an inhaling of a cover of a head of cylinders on the KS4 engine: at the 1st stage tighten bolts 1 and 2 with m 3 N.' moment, then tighten all bolts with m 6,5-9 N.' moment in that order

7. Apply sealant on the demountable planes of a cover and a head of cylinders, "leading round" sealant bolts from the inside.
8. Establish laying, a cover and tighten bolts with the set moment. Evenly tighten nuts in three - four receptions with the set moment (photo).
9. Other procedures are performed upside-down.