3.7. A cam-shaft - removal and installation

1. Uncover a head of cylinders.
2. Turn out candles.
3. Install the piston of the 1st cylinder in compression step VMT.
4. Apply tags on a chain and an asterisk of a cam-shaft. If the head is not removed, then violation of a relative positioning of these details is not allowed.
5. Prepare a wooden wedge with sizes of 250x19 mm and width on the one hand of 30-37 mm, and with another - 25 mm.
6. Get a cap and turn off an asterisk bolt, remove a cam of the drive of the fuel pump (photo).
7. Wedge a chain, having entered a wedge the narrowed part down. A chain convergence from a crankshaft gear wheel. it is not allowed.
8. Carefully remove an asterisk, holding a chain which has to remain on a wedge (photo).
9. Remove rollers with yokes.
10. Remove a cam-shaft, having paid attention to orientation of a pin at an end face.
11. Check a condition of a cam-shaft (see below).
12. Establish a cam-shaft, without breaking initial orientation of a pin. Previously grease support and necks of a shaft (photo).
13. Install rollers of yokes. Tighten bolts by hand. Tighten two average bolts with m 17 N.' moment.
14. Dress a chain on an asterisk, having carefully removed from a wedge and dress an asterisk on a cam-shaft. The pin has to come into the second deepening of an asterisk, and the tags put before dismantling have to be combined.
15. Remove a wedge and wrap a bolt, establish a cam of the drive of the fuel pump. Tighten a bolt with the set moment. Grease a cap with sealant and establish in a head of cylinders.
16. Tighten bolts of rollers of yokes with the set moment.
17. Adjust valves.
18. Establish a cover.
19. Warm up the engine and again adjust gaps taking into account norms for the heated-up engine.