3.14. The oil pump - removal and installation

1. Install the piston 1 - го the cylinder in compression step VMT.
2. Uncover the distributor of ignition and obo4 mean position of the runner concerning the distributor case.
3. Lift a forward part of the car and establish on supports.
4. Remove engine mudguards.
5. Merge oil from the engine.
6. On cars with a formula 4x4 establish a support under a forward reducer.
7. Turn off bolts and remove the pump assembled with shaft.
8. The order of dismantling of the pump is described in below.
9. Make sure that the piston of the 1st cylinder is in compression step VMT.
10. Fill the pump with oil, combine a tag to a pile) the pump with a lubricant opening under the leading gear wheel (photo).
11. Establish laying and the pump.
12. Tighten bolts and check orientation of a shaft coca. If necessary repeat operation устаноааЩ
13. Fill in oil. Check installation of ignition

14:10 At installation of the pump the tag on a shaft has to be opposite to a lubricant opening of the pump

15.1 Details of the oil pump
1, Shaft
3. Case
5. The gear wheels (conducting and conducted)
6. Cover
7. Cap
8. Washer
9. Spring
10. Valve
11. Reducing valve