15:21. Steering drafts - removal and installation

1. Side drafts, cross draft, a bipod and the pendular lever (photo) belong to steering drafts.
2. All steering drafts can be removed assembled with the pendular lever and a bipod. After dismantle of drafts it is necessary to check the angles of installation of wheels. Finally tighten nuts of tips after lowering of the car.
Side drafts
3. Rasshplintuyte also turn off nuts (photo).

20.3 Details of side draft 1. External tip 2. Collar 3. Carving plug 4. Internal tip

4. Vypressuyte fingers of tips of drafts a special stripper (photo) also get draft.
5. Check a side play in spherical fingers, if necessary replace fingers.
6. If necessary sort drafts for what designate the provision of tips in the plug, turn off bolts of collars and turn out both tips.
7. Assembly and installation are carried out upside-down. If the removed tips are established, then combine the tags put before dismantling. If new drafts are established, then expose the size A on the removed drafts (photo). After assembly check and adjust the angles of installation of wheels.

20.9 Details of the pendular lever
1. Cover
2. Arm
3,6. Plug
4. Mzyatnikovy lever
5. Butterdish cap
7. Washer
8. Nut

20.4 Vypressovyvaniye of a tip finger

20.7 The size A which should be exposed on new drafts

20:10 Pendular lever

21.1 Angles of installation of forward wheels
1. Vertical
2. Line parallel to an axis of symmetry of the car 
3. Disorder
4. Axis of spherical support of a suspension bracket
5. Longitudinal tilt angle of an axis of turn 
6. Convergence of wheels

22.1 Marking of tires

Pendular lever
8. The side play in the pendular lever is eliminated with installation of new plugs.
9. Turn off bolts of fastening of an arm of the lever to a frame (photo).
10. Rasshplintuyte also turn off a nut, a vypressuyta a finger of the pendular lever from cross draft (photo).
11. If it is necessary to replace plugs, then turn off a nut, remove a washer and remove the lever from an arm, get plugs. Replace plugs and collect the lever.
12. Installation is carried out upside-down. Tighten all nuts with the set moment.
Cross draft
13. Rasshplintuyte also turn off all nuts of cross draft.
14. Vypressuyte fingers also get draft.
15. Check a condition of plugs of draft, if necessary replace.
16. Installation is carried out upside-down.
Drafts of steering assembled
17. Turn off a nut of a bipod and press a bipod from a reducer shaft.
18. Turn off bolts and remove the pendular lever.
19. Rasshplintuyte also turn off nuts of side drafts on rotary fists, a vypressuyta fingers.
20. Remove all drafts.
21. Installation is carried out upside-down