15:16. A steering reducer - removal and installation

1. Remove the left forward wheel. For access to a reducer get a rubber apron from a motor compartment (photo).
2. Turn off a bolt of fastening of the hinge to a reducer (photo).
3. Turn off a nut of a bipod and remove a bipod (photo).
4. On cars with the power steering turn off and muffle the union of tubes and merge liquid from a hydraulic actuator.
5. Turn off bolts and remove a reducer (photo).

16.2 Details of a steering reducer
1,10. Lock-nut 
2,6 Epiploon 
3. Adjusting nut 
4. Ball nut and leading shaft of a reducer
5. Spring washer
7. Case
8. Bipod shaft
9. Adjusting screw 
11. Stopper
12. Cover
13. Laying
14. Regu

16.5 Otvorachivany adjusting nut of a reducer

6. Installation is carried out and the return order. Before a wraparound of a bolt of the lower hinge expose wheels in the provision of driving on a straight line, check the provision of a steering wheel. The flute on a shaft has to be combined with an opening under a bolt in the elastic coupling. Tighten all bolts with the set moment. At installation of a bipod check coincidence of shlits of a bipod and shaft. Tighten a nut with the set moment. On cars with the hydraulic booster fill in liquid and remove air.