15:18. Steering

1. Leaving consists in periodic check of a tension of a belt of the pump, liquid level in a tank and conditions of tubes and hoses.
2. In case of abnormal work of steering the car should be handed over in car service for check of pressure in system and a tightness in bearings of a steering reducer.
3. If at these checks it becomes clear that the pump or the steering mechanism are faulty, then the hydraulic booster it is necessary to replace (to repair is not subject).
4. At detection of a leak in epiploons it is necessary to replace epiploons, but at obligatory check of the hydraulic booster in car service.

20.1 Steering drafts 1. Internal tip 2. External tip 3. Pendular lever 4. Adjusting collar 5. Cross draft

5. For adjustment of a belt of the pump turn off a lock-nut of a roller of a natyazhitel and rotate an adjusting bolt (Gl.1).
6. All details of steering with the hydraulic booster except the pump, hoses and a hydraulic part same, as steering details without hydraulic booster.