15.5. Shock-absorbers - removal and installation

Forward shock-absorbers
1. Turn out wheels, lift a car front. 2. Turn off a rod nut, remove a washer and the plug (photo).
3. Turn off a nut and get a coupling bolt (photo).
4. Installation is carried out upside-down. The head of the lower bolt has to be turned on the car course forward.

1.3 Details of a back suspension bracket of the Pathfinder 1 car. Basic cup of a spring 2. Bar 3. Shock-absorber 4. Cross bar 5. Spring 6. Longitudinal bar 7. Stabilizer 8. Draft of the stabilizer 9. To a forward part of the car

3.3 Before turning off a nut of draft designate ztilka, washers and gshokladka

3.5 Stabilizer arm bolts.

Back shock-absorbers
5. Lift a back part of the car for a beam of the bridge and establish on a reliable support.
6. Turn off a nut of the lower fastening of the shock-absorber to an arm of the bridge (photo).
7. Turn off a nut of the top fastening of the shock-absorber and remove the shock-absorber (photo)
8. Finalize shock-absorbers in a former order, tighten nuts after lowering of the car on wheels.