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15:17. A steering reducer (the car without hydraulic booster) - dismantling

1. Turn off a stopper from the removed reducer and merge oil
2. Release a lock-nut of the adjusting screw of a shaft of a reducer and turn out bolts of a cover of a reducer (photo).
3. Turn out the adjusting screw, rotating clockwise and uncover.
4. Remove a shaft of a bipod and get the adjusting screw.
5. By means of a special key turn off an adjusting nut (photo).
6. Get the leading shaft of a reducer together with an adjusting nut (photo).

Do not allow the shift of balls to end faces of worm cutting. Otherwise a worm part of a shaft will be damaged, in case of wear or damage the ball nut and a worm should be replaced.

7. To remove needle bearings of a shaft of a bipod it is not allowed in case of wear of bearings replace all reducer.
8. Turn out an adjusting nut and bring down an epiploon from a nut.
9. Hook and get an epiploon from the reducer case.
10. Wash out all details.
11. Examine teeths on a bipod shaft, check existence on them of cracks or agnails.
12. Check a condition of shlits of a shaft of a bipod.
13. Check a condition of cutting on the leader to a shaft, existence of cracks, agnails and other damages. Check freedom of rotation of a ball nut on a worm. Believe freedom of movement of balls, gradually overturning a shaft in vertical position, balls have to roll down under the influence of a body weight. Otherwise replace the leading shaft.

16.6 Extraction of the leading shaft of a reducer together with an adjusting nut

16:18 Creation of a preliminary tightness in bearings of the leading shaft of a steering reducer

When checking do not allow rolling a ball in the end of tooth of worm cutting.

14. Check freedom of rotation of bearings of a reducer. In case of jamming replace the bearing assembled with an external holder.
15. Before assembly grease all details. Establish new epiploons so that the party with letters was turned outside. In epiploons put lubricant.
16. Establish a new epiploon on an adjusting nut.
17. Establish the leading shaft assembled by a nut in a reducer. Screw a nut on a carving in a reducer.
18. Create a preliminary tightness (photo) in bearings of the leading shaft of a reducer. For this purpose gradually wrap an adjusting nut until the moment of resistance of a provorachivaniye of a shaft does not become equal specified in Specifications.
The moment is measured by a dynamometer key with a scale in several N. in m after a provorachivaniye of the leading shaft in both directions on several turns. To improve gearing of shlits with a key insert a piece of the plastic card into a key head.

16:20 Check of an axial gap of a shaft of a bipod 1. Adjusting washer 2. Side play of a shaft of a bipod 3. Towards a reducer cover

16:27 Check the moment of resistance to a bipod shaft provorachivaniye, gradually rotating the adjusting screw 1. Screw-driver

19. Grease a ring lock-nut with the fixing structure and draw in it an adjusting nut, without allowing a provorachivaniye of an adjusting nut. Again check a preliminary tightness in bearings.
20. Install in T - a figurative cut of a shaft of a bipod the adjusting screw and check an axial gap of the screw in a cut (photo). Compensate this gap to norm, having picked up an adjusting washer for thickness (see Specifications).

16:22 Before installation of a cover on a shaft wrap the screw, rotating counterclockwise

21. Establish a new epiploon in a shaft of the case of a steering reducer.
22. Rotating the adjusting screw counterclockwise, establish a case cover on a shaft, screw a lock-nut (photo).
23. Establish laying on a cover, having greased from both parties with sealant.
24. Turn the leading shaft by hand and establish a ball nut in average situation. Establish a bipod shaft with the screw. Make sure that the central tooth on a shaft of a bipod entered gearing with the central flute of a ball nut. At implementation of this procedure do not damage an epiploon edge.
25. Tighten cover bolts with the set moment.
26. Fill in oil in a reducer and wrap a stopper.
27. Create a preliminary tightness in bipod shaft bearings, rotating the adjusting screw (photo). Resistance to a provorachivaniye of a shaft of a bipod has to correspond specified in Specifications. The moment is checked at the provision of a shaft of a bipod in the provision of driving on a straight line.
28. Tighten a lock-nut and again check a tightness.