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15.4. The stabilizer - removal and installation

1. Lift a car front.
2. Remove a mud guard.

1.2, Details of a forward suspension bracket of all-wheel drive cars 1. Axis 2 washer. Plug 3. Nut. 4,6. Washer 5. Plugs 7,10,17,27. Cover 8. Torsion lever motionless 9. Lock ring 11. Heel 12. Torsion 13. Bolt 14. Torsion lever mobile 15. Shock-absorber

3. Turn off nuts of drafts of the stabilizer (photo).
4. Remove drafts, having turned having designated plugs and washers.
5. Turn off bolts and remove the stabilizer (photo).
6. If necessary remove from the plug stabilizer.
7. Check a condition of plugs of drafts, if necessary replace.
8. Installation is carried out upside-down. Install the stabilizer so that white tags about plugs were visible on both sides of the car. Establish details of drafts of the stabilizer in a former order. Finally tighten bolts after lowering of the car.